The wit, wisdom (& groan-worthy puns) of
the greatest monster-mentor you never knew…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the book going to be released?
A: On Forry’s 101st Birthday… November 24th, 2017.

Q: What’s the purpose of the book?
A: To raise awareness about Uncle Forry among those unlucky souls who may have never had the chance to get to know the Ackermonster… and to raise CASH, $40,000 to be exact, to be used to pay for a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which was one of Uncle Ack’s great unrealized dreams… but not for long!

Q: May I attend the “Star Ceremony”?
A: YES… we’re counting on it!  Please let us know if we can count you in to appear at the unveiling of Forry’s Star on the Hollywood walk of fame.  As you may be aware, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce gives precedence to petitioners with a solid group of attending celebs.

Q: What’s your DROP DEAD deadline for submissions?
A: ASAP is always appreciated, but here’s our proposed schedule:

May 15 – final deadline for all artwork, testimonials & write-ups
May 16-30 – final stage of editing
June 1 – begin book layout
July 15 – latest day for files to be sent to printer
Nov. 1 – have book in hand
Nov. 24 – book release

Q: Is there any specific type of submissions, media or format you’re looking for?
A: We’re looking for unique new tributes in the form of Forry-related artwork. It can be created in any medium you like. It should represent your personal and unique experience, encounter, friendship or any abstract impression of what Forry means to you.  It might illustrate an event, an object, or a feeling. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

Q: Will I get my art returned?
A: If you can get us a high-resolution scan (300 dpi or better) then send it over the inter-web!  We don’t need to keep it… just reproduce it for the book.

Q: is this a Famous Monsters of Filmland related project?
A: For now we’re putting this together as an independent project, but we are in touch with FMoF and may combine our resources to maximize the potential of the book (TBD).

Q: May I pass this website and the info along to other creators I know who would be interested?
A: Yes, you may forward the info, but so that we can keep track of who we’re out to please drop us a line so we can add them to our list.

Q: How long should my testimonial be?
A: We’re hoping for approximately 250 words or less. If you’d like to submit more, please do so with the understanding that we’ll try to use it in its entirety (space permitting) OR have to edit/excerpt it to no less than approx. 250 words.

Still have questions? Contact us: