The wit, wisdom (& groan-worthy puns) of
the greatest monster-mentor you never knew…

In the years since Forry followed Prince Sirki to that genre con in outer space, those of us left behind on this little green planet have done our best to keep his name alive. In 2016 alone, we saw the intersection of Vermont & Franklin, at the foot of the Horrorwood Hills, where the Ackermansion was perched, become “Forrest J Ackerman Square.” Famous Monsters conducted the “Who’s Forry” campaign and we threw a 100th birthday party in grand Uncle Forry style.

The Forry Hollywood Star Fund

Of all the things Forry wished for in a life full of accomplishments, he dreamed of joining his boyhood pals, Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury and many of YOU, his accomplished Monster-Kids, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes, Mr. Sci-Fi always wished for a star on the Boulevard he walked with so many of us. We aim to accomplish that ultimate dream for Forry by 2020! There are a few crucial ways you can help us push the rock up the hill:

  1. Contribute a testimonial to our book, “Uncle Forry 101” to be released on Forry’s 101st birthday (in Nov.) of this year. Tell us how knowing Forry, his magazine, writings, Ackermuseum, etc., impacted your life and career. A sentence, a paragraph, an essay. Art or imagery. All are welcome. Proceeds go to the Hollywood Star Fund.

  2. Help us reach out to other famous friends like you who might contribute anecdotes or insight into how important Forry was to their trajectory in arts and entertainment.

  3. Commit to attending the Star ceremony in 2020. Petitions and testimonials do nothing to sway the committee, whose primary goal seems to be getting as much attention as possible for the ceremony. It’s clear the star will only be awarded if Forry’s most well-known friends will show up.

 Forry’s story continues to inspire young fans. That he was a “big bang” of inspiration for so many of their heroes, shines a light on the importance of mentorship and creativity. Kids who dream of making movies, hear of Forry’s encouragement of your early career, and commit to telling their own stories. Celebrating Forry’s legacy continues to create new writers, artists and fans, even in his absence. Please help ensure that Forrest J Ackerman Shall Not Die!

Your grateful pals,

Joe Moe & Sean Fernald

Please contact us for more info on the book,
how to contribute, comments, suggestions, anything!



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