The Cosplay Photography of Pat Loika


  All we could do was imagine the possibilities.

Within the last two decades, the rapid growth of the cosplay hobby has paralleled the explosive commercialization of comics, video games, books, television, and motion picture intellectual properties. The hobby has grown from being a niche on the fringes of fandom to a relevant demographic that is leveraged by corporations as legitimate revenue streams.

While exploring the art of cosplaying, artist Pat Loika decided to focus his attention on a different art form: Cosplay Photography. When an injury cut short his comic art career, Loika turned to the discerning lenses of the camera to express his love for comics. Using intricate knowledge of his favorite characters and many willing collaborators, he found a new way to transform the four color fantasies of comics into the four color realities of an increasingly significant subculture.

Four Color Realities: The Cosplay Photography of Pat Loika will arrive in Fall 2017 in the form of a hardcover art book, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Planned Parenthood. Pre-order now and reserve your copy signed by Pat Loika!




** PRE-ORDER BONUS: Get an 8″ x 10″ exclusive gallery quality print of an image that’s not in the book!

About Pat Loika

Pat Loika is a San Diego–based writer and photographer. He has written and drawn comic books and hosted a long running podcast focusing on the comic book industry. His photography, focusing largely on conventions and cosplay, has been featured in magazines and various websites.

  Here, I can build.

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