Distortions Unlimited

Announcement on Remember the Future: The Distortions Unlimited Story by Lee Lambert

At Blacksparrow, we’re always looking for ways to produce the best possible product while giving everyone the best value for their money. It is important to us that our customers are happy. With that in mind, we’ve decided to make a drastic change to the release of the upcoming book, Remember the Future: The Distortions Unlimited Story.

Our preliminary market research has shown that Distortions’ fans tend to be divided. Some are more interested in the early years when Distortions was a force in the mask making world, while others are mostly interested in the recent years when they became involved in the haunted attraction industry.

While there are some fans who would have no problem paying $90-100 for a single large volume encompassing the entirety of Distortions’ history, we recognize that is a lot of money for someone to pay when they are primarily interested in what would essentially be half the book. To try and accommodate as many fans as possible, we have taken the step of splitting the book into two volumes which we expect to retail for $40-50 each. This way, those who want the full history can still get it for the same price as if it were released in a single volume while those who don’t will not be stuck paying for information they do not want.

The other problem Lee was fortunate to have is that Ed and Marsha provided him with far more material than he could fit into a single book. The benefit to splitting the book into two volumes is that he can give you the product he wants you to have instead of cutting it down to condense it into a single, affordable volume.

The first volume, which will focus on the era of Distortions when masks were their focus, will be released at Mask Fest which runs in Indianapolis the week of September 8-10, 2017. The second volume, which will focus on the era of Distortions when the focus shifted to the haunted attraction industry, will be released approximately 6 months later at Transworld in the spring of 2018.