ROB ZOMBIE, Filmmaker & Musician

Looking back now I realize I thought of Don Post much like I thought of Walt Disney... he wasn’t a guy... he was a world onto himself... a state of mind... a state of mind for a crazed monster-generation that needed to be a Metaluna Mutant more than they needed to be a boring kid stuck in a suburban nightmare. Thanks Don... you saved us all.

CALEB OGLESBY, Photographer

For anyone who considers themselves a Monster Kid, or just a fan of things creepy and collectible, Lee Lambert's History of Don Post Studios is a once in a life time treasure that must be seen to fully comprehend! This tome is a beast both in size and information, providing unprecedented background on America's first and largest maker of Halloween masks. I cannot recommend this book enough. Truly a masterpiece and a dream come true come for those lucky enough to get their hands on a copy.



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